Achieving a HIGH ROAD WORKWEEK together

Industry leaders now recognize that predictable, stable and flexible work schedules are not just good for employees, but are essential to meeting operational, sales and growth objectives.

Emerging scheduling technologies can play a critical role in creating aligned work schedules that respond to the demands of business and the needs of employees. Yet, a company’s values, policies and practices, as well as real input from employees, will ultimately determine how effectively a company provides sustainable work schedules.

Through the High Road Workweek Partnership, the Center for Popular
Democracy’s Fair Workweek Initiative works with employers to build efficient, balanced work schedules.  The process begins with each company’s core values and engaging key stakeholders; and then harnesses the power of emerging scheduling
technologies to meaningfully incorporate employee voice and equitable
scheduling principles into management practices. Our approach quantifies the
cost of just-in- time scheduling to both employees and business and delivers
tailored solutions to companies seeking to reduce turnover and improve
employee productivity and performance through aligned schedules. After helping
employers identify the scheduling policies and systems that will best match their business imperatives and employee needs, we support companies in integrating those policies across their operations via measurable metrics (captured by scheduling technology), incentives and training, and employee feedback.
Ongoing evaluation and employee participation strategies ensure lasting results,
while brand strategy maximizes customer-facing impact.


Our work includes:

  • Workforce management consulting: Customized solutions to help employers achieve alignment between business and employee priorities.

  • Product development: Advising workforce management technology vendors to create the next generation of scheduling technology that delivers predictable, stable and flexible schedules.

  • Strategic partnership with researchers: Rigorous data analysis led by members of our academic advisory network quantifies the impact of scheduling reform on workers and business operations.

Employers of our country’s hourly workforce are at a crossroads. To be on the leading-edge of workforce management that values employees and corporate social responsibility, implementing a high road workweek is essential. Guided by scheduling equity principles, the Fair Workweek Initiative can help employers achieve sustainable work schedules that evolve with the changing business landscape and the dynamic needs of their employees. 

For more information, please contact Carrie Gleason Director of the Fair Workweek Initiative at the Center for Popular Democracy by email:

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