"I was 16 years old and waking up at 4:30am to take my 4 year old niece to preschool. I would get myself ready for school and then get Kalia ready for the day, we’d hop on the bus to get her preschool by 7am. I would then rush back to the bus stop to get to my high school by 8am. My mom who takes care of Kalia was a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks and had clopening shifts nearly every week. I wanted to participate in school clubs, but I couldn’t because I needed to be there in case my mom’s schedule changed. We got just 4 or 5 days notice. As soon as she left Starbucks I starred in school musical and got involved in the newspaper. Now I’m 19, graduated from high school and working at Starbucks. I got a recent phone call at 4am and make me think about my mom’s clopening days at the company.  I got a phone call at 4 am, just as I was falling asleep. Working closing shifts at Starbucks had shifted my life into the night and 3 am had become my usual bedtime. The call was from my coworker, who had never called me before. As soon as she said my name, I knew why she was calling. She asked if I could cover her 4:30 am -10:30 am shift that morning, She told me that she’d tried every number she could and that she was having difficulty speaking let alone walking and working for six hours. She said she didn't know who else to call or what else she could do. She asked if I could cover even part of her shift. I said yes. I worked her six hour shift that morning, and then came back an hour later to work my eight hour shift that afternoon. I worked her shift because if I hadn't, no one would have, or worse, she would have tried."