We support the leadership of hourly workers who are speaking out for a fair workweek and pushing to raise standards across the country. Working people are coming together and calling for stable, full-time hours, predictable schedules, the right to rest and input into work schedules. And we're winning! Just this year, Victoria's Secret, Abercrombie, Gap, and Bath & Body Works announced an end to abusive on-call shifts.


Starbucks: End Clopens

Starbucks says they give 8 hours of rest between back to back shifts but workers reported being exhausted to Make the Road Connecticut. Is 8 hours enough time for you to go home, sleep, get ready for the day, and commute to work? Over 20,000 people support baristas getting 11 hours of rest between shifts in all U.S. stores. Will you join them?

We want to hear from you

Are you a Starbucks partner? Share your story! If you’re a customer, tell us why your favorite Starbucks barista is important to you and why you think they deserve a decent break between shifts. We created a tumblr so you can express yourself and tell the complete story of baristas who not only work hard to pay for school and rent, but who also have a life outside of making pumpkin spice lattes.

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victory! l brands announces end to on-calls at victoria's secret and bath & body works

Erin worked for Bath & Body Works for five years but the unpredictable scheduling practices left her unable to plan ahead or earn enough to move out of her mom’s house. She launched a petition asking for schedules L Brands employees can count on. Within weeks, Victoria’s Secret announced they’re ending on-call shifts at all their retail stores. In September 2015, L Brands dropped on-calls at Bath & Body Works too! Companies listen when employees speak up together.